Data Analytics in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Cricket has always been a numbers game, but the depth and sophistication of the data used to illustrate the game has gathered pace markedly in recent years. More than ever before, the sport is in thrall to statistics, and not just limited to the old measure of batting...

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Leveraging Technology for Business Growth

Running a business can be very challenging if a business doesn’t have a proper system to make its work easier. As technology makes everything quiet simple for anyone who is willing to use it. Leveraging technology can help a firm manage and grow its business by leaps...

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Requirement of Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is the computing that is done totally keeping the internet as a medium to transfer information. Traditionally if ones needed to use any kind of application then the person was required to download the file from a server or local computer, install the...

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The continual change of human lives has brought about a change in the way the software industry behaves and operates. In the mid-’90s the software industry was focusing on designing a system mainly for transaction purpose. After the year 2016, the product business was...

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Emerging Technologies Transforming Businesses

Change is the only constant in this ever-changing world. Technology is changing at an exponential rate and it is transforming so rapidly that what people use to envision ten years from now became a reality. It was only a thought that the doors of the parking lot would...

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