The technology has affected us in various aspects of our life, whether it may be professional or personal life. Industries like, healthcare, manufacturing, customer service, transportation and many more are affected by Artificial intelligence (AI).

The majorly affected industry due to AI is the logistics industry, whether it comes from the manufacturing of products till the product is delivered to the customer everything is taken over by artificial intelligence which is integrated into the latest gadgets found in the market.

In early days, the field agents were not optimized as they are now, earlier they had to struggle with the infrastructure problems, they had no means to know the other routing option, it was also not feasible to keep track of 100’s of field agents or delivery boys , the administration department of the company had no ways to track the field agent or the delivery boys and also the delivery boys could not accept the task or consignment on the go for that they had to come to the facility and take the worksheet or task sheet.

Field force management has taken a big leap with the integration of this AI. With the availability of the various software solutions in the market the task given to the on-field agent or delivery boy can carry out with efficiently, the senior person in the office now be able to track 100s of his on-field agents at a time, and also can assign the task to the right candidate on the go.

The main reason why the enterprise mobility has become popular solution because unlikely before The enterprise mobility is gifted with the latest technology which improves their agility, the capacity of delivery, on-time delivery, the efficiency of the employee has also profoundly improved.

With the compatibility and acquaintance of AI, various types of data are accessed by both the on-field agent and the person in the office. As the field workforce is efficiently managed, automatically the workflow processes in the office are passively improved

Some Major Features Like


Global Positioning System is commonly known as GPS, modern gadgets like smartphones are well equipped with GPS sensors, which help to locate the exact position of every team member.

It also helps for optimization of route, suggesting you the best and fastest route to take your delivery.

As we go with the best saying “Time Is Money” with the help of GPS you can track your field agents, assign the task to the agent who’s nearest to the delivery point.

This all helps you to manage your team member efficiently.

Storing Data:

With the help of Smartphone’s, field force members can easily add any new data about which task is completed or which task reschedule, constantly updated are given so as to maintain the communication flow. The newly acquired data is easily accessible to all colleagues in the team and, with the right notification system; everyone can keep track of the latest tasks that have been successfully taken care of.


The AI is a blessing for the field force management. The work can be carried out with a profoundly effective and efficient method which leads to organisational growth. Choosing the right software solution is also very important.