Industry Verticals

Industry Verticals

Application Development

Application Development is the process of developing complex computer programs or can say sets of programs that helps different kinds of business to eliminate the daunting tasks and increase performance that a business requires. Application development automates the business processes resulting increase in efficiency. We develop solutions that meet the most challenging IT problems.  Full lifecycle of application projects, we involve with complete responsibility for Analyzing & Requirement gathering, Prototypes designing, Implementation, Testing, and Integration and working with client’s IT professionals to execute jointly throughout engagement lifecycle.

TS Infosoft offers across, 

    • Enterprise application development
    • Mobile application development
    • Rapid business prototyping
    • Industrialization solutions
    • Product training, consulting, support and customization


    Transformation and Innovation is one of the major affecting aspect which helps you to grow your business putting it in a competitive edge. The absolute benefits of this you may face are increase in productivity, cost reduction and experiencing an upward trend in the profits. While sketching the strategic plan, we at TS Infosoft like to use a technique of VMOST i.e. Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Tactics. This helps us profoundly to develop concrete strategy plan. Also defining, designing and executing IT strategies that drive business growth. In the era of rapid change in business landscape, we quickly help you to advance your change and turn it into competitive advantage. Our consulting adds tremendous value and achieve business IT advancement by optimizing existing resources. It includes, 

      • Digital strategy and innovation
      • Business & IT strategy alignment
      • IT optimization & outsourcing


    it outsourcing and support

    The enlarging demand for talented IT personnel’s will profoundly increase, as the different businesses who take strenuous efforts to look for hiring specialists in house instead must take whole advantage of outsourcing. As there is considerable growth in the gig economy resulting in more and more businesses looking for the outsourcing contractors who will cater them with IT software needs and development. For developers and the businesses, understanding and getting along with the trends in IT outsourcing is important to thrive successfully.

    Cost reduction will always be the point of view when it comes to IT outsourcing. However this is will not be the only factor while you choose offshore development partner because the exchange of connection between the client and the outsourced software developer will be more towards human oriented rather seeing it price oriented. Quality of the product delivery will be expected by the client. Both the The client and IT outsourcing company will collaborate and act as system integrators for the clients.  The intricacies and problems faced in the project will be shared between the two, whereas the outsourced developer will be focusing on achieving the project goals by giving 100%.

      Enterprise software

      ERP software is an over-arching term when it comes to using of software in any huge organization. The objective of Enterprise Software is to foster improvised productivity and efficiency through business logic support functionality. In any business processes utilizing an unorganized system and desperately using multiple applications to manage the processes/ operations. This leads to catastrophic loss of data, strenuous data transfer, time consuming processes, and security gaps caused because of lack in access control.

      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Order Processing
      • Live tracking
      • Report Generation
      • Accounting
      • Inventory management
      • Warehouse management



      The advancement in the field of manufacturing industry and the processes can be traced in the same lines as IT industry. The utmost major factor in the advancement of these respected industries is less Human Interface. As compared to the earlier, the conventional method used by manufacturing industries has evolved and shifted towards the Digital Manufacturing which has also resulted in benefits using it.  Digital Manufacturing as the name itself defines that the entire manufacturing processes is carried out digitally using the necessary software’s to squeeze out more efficient, reliable processes for the company. Having the holistic view the entire process within the manufacturing company i.e. from Assembly lines, Human Ergonomics etc. Till the end can be fully monitored.

      Digitizing the manufacturing companies enabling them to achieve utmost efficiency in Production, conserving time and costs resulting in have them an edge in the competitive market.

        tech partner

        Every brilliant idea needs well-crafted panning, nurturing the idea and taking steps towards your end goal and some expertise to make it through. Or else it will just be a dream and just a vision. If you falling short in hands for work, then you will need a reliable partner. A partner/ vendor who will assist in and will be responsible to make the product from scratch and cater you along the way. Coming to your brainchild, be it web or mobile solutions, you will always look for someone who will not only meets your expectation but also will exceed it. 

        As tech partner are becoming more and more crucial in this technological era. Around 90% of sale are carried out by tech partner. To maintain the relationship between the two we at TS Infosoft provides out clients with;

        • Better support.
        • Proper Planning.
        • Take your valuable Feedback.
        • And catering you to grow your Business.


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