Cloud computing is the computing that is done totally keeping the internet as a medium to transfer information. Traditionally if ones needed to use any kind of application then the person was required to download the file from a server or local computer, install the software in their system and then it could be used. But it is not the case now. The applications are developed and stored in the cloud. The apps are not required to be download in the user’s local storage. The can access the application and can use the application. Whenever any user uploads any stories on their Instagram account, it is a usage of cloud computing. When a person is making any creative i.e. posters, logo etc. online it is the usage of cloud computing. Cloud computing is becoming too common nowadays. Let us understand why cloud computing is gaining traction lately:

  • Cost: Majority of the user are concerned about the initial cost of migrating into a cloud system. But after a while, the overall cost for the organisation tends to drop on a substantial level. Traditionally the organisations had to pay even for the unused resources on the server and paying out for the services they don’t even require. This adds up to the cost for the organisation. Cloud gives the organisations on the flexibility to pay as they use. This, in turn, leads to cost saving by the organisations
  • Mobility: Cloud computing allows the user of the corporate data to keep themselves updated on the go with their smartphones and smart devices and that helps the different teams to add productivity to the organisation.

For example, Mr A is an employee of company XYZ Ltd. He is having an important meeting with one of their client but Mr A resides a long way from the corporate office. But thanks to the organisation XYZ Ltd, they have their data on their cloud. It will help to save time and money for the organisation. Mr A can get access to the data on his phone and client’s requirement can be met successfully

  • Security: One of the real worries from the organisation’s side is security. The information that is accessible on the site on local servers is getting traded off, at that point by what means would then be able to believe the cloud administrations. Yet, the fun reality is the information that gets traded off from an organisation practically 90% of the time the information break happens due to an individual inside an association.

The cloud has had a productive digital security group to take care of any information for any of their customers are getting traded off or not. It is far superior and proficient than the in-house IT Administration group.

Migrating the company’s infrastructure to the cloud seems complicated from a distance but it can be made quite simple but the IT experts in Cloud management.