In today’s highly competitive world it is indispensable to inflate your business into new markets. Your business might be burgeoning in the current location having a concrete customer base, but then why limit it to a certain geographical area? Only because you being a startup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking big. I would rather see startups as an agile enterprise who are more flexible to adapt market demands according to the different regional and cultural needs, it is important to prolong a relationship – sometimes more so in certain countries.

Expanding into new country can be a daunting process. It may come up with a challenging decision and risk prone procedures which will put you in the most conundrum situation. Expanding your business to new markets is no joke. It does requires utterly careful planning and plenty of things to keep in consideration also to have a holistic view about every aspect that would aid in expansion. And trust me this is a meandering process no person would be able to achieve this overnight. The decision once made can bring up a whole new bunch of exciting opportunities for the business and once you have broken into the new market you will be glad that you took this decision. Before you could even realize it, you might be booking your international removals and setting up an office in completely new country.

These are some factors that you might take into quick consideration before the expansion into new country.

Expansion of what you offer

Other than expanding your business in the new country, you must also be aware of the new opportunity that lies ahead of it which will allow you to expand ideas, service and products to offer. For instance, have you ever had encountered bunch of enquiries from different people asking you about specific product or service that you do not offer at current stage? And if that’s so then entering into different market would be an ideal opportunity for expansion.

Nexus between your business and people

It’s not necessary that what you know but who you know, opportunity is everywhere. Before plunging into new markets take efforts to make your network. You never know who might benefit your business.

Target audience

Reaching to the broader range of people in different locations. It is important to have a holistic view and brilliant online presence. Making it simpler to find your potential clients. Optimizing your website with excellent SEO can do the job.


TS Infosoft has expanded well in the terms of revenue and strength. Also being a technology startup we are investing in people to make them future tech leaders which eventually add colossal value in the client space. Also having a strong and happy customer base in India. We at TS Infosoft OPC are expanding our services and products and having our presence in United Kingdom. Enabling the new opportunities and have plans to make a satisfied customer baseline over there.


Why United Kingdom?

Having 65 million potential consumers and also is the 5th largest economy in the world, according to the Tech Nations 2018 report. The digital sector in UK is worth around £184 billion, which is up from £170 billion in 2016. Below are few points that will help to understand Why UK?

  • Technology business are at pinnacle of UK Economy.
  • From High-value manufacturing to retail and logistics are playing a vital role in barreling growth throughout the country.
  • Also having a concrete startup culture with availability of one of the world’s largest talent hub in all the field of technology.
  • Exponential growth with plenty of opportunities in the market.
  • It is a very convenient place to grow into Global Markets with availability of talent
  • Having strong demand and opportunity in Fin-Tech and Data Analytics.


As of now we are serving and in pipeline clients from Payments, Finance and Logistics domain.